10 Easy Ways Promote Blog With Facebook

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1. Promote your blog on your Facebook Profile page Position Profile page is located at the top left corner of the dashboard Facebook is one of the most strategic value for promoting your blog. Every person who entered into your Facebook page, we can be sure will see the first profile. Therefore, make sure you have included information about the blog and your blog address in the Profile page.
2. Include your blog address on your Facebook Page Info In addition to the Profile page, you can promote your blog through the Contact Information page. Put your blog URL address in the Contact Information page and arrange for your Information box appears just below the profile page. Benefits include blog URL address in the Contact Information page is clickable so that its readers Facebook page you can just click on the address of your blog.
3. Take advantage of Facebook Status Feature to Update Your Blogging Activities Feature status is a feature almost the most important and most widely used by Facebook members. Rather than just update the daily routine activities, there is nothing wrong if you also update your activities in the world of blogging. For example: recent posts that you write on your blog. Remember to ALWAYS include shortened link to the page the article in your blog post so that your status allows the reader to visit your blog.
4. Take advantage of Facebook to Information Note Feature Your Blog One of the important features of Facebook are very effective as a means of promotion of your blog is a feature of Notes (the Notes). By creating an entry page, you can write a personal note relating to the activity of blogging or info about your blog. Besides writing his own notes, you can also import your blog RSS feeds as an automatic posting on Facebook Notes pages. In this way, every time you post an article on your blog, then the article will also appear in your Facebook Notes pages.
5. Take advantage of Facebook Applications For Bloggers Too bad if you do not use Facebook Application features, particularly those related to blogging activity. For the purposes of promoting your blog, at least three Facebook applications I recommend for your use: Simplaris Blogcast, NetworkedBlogs and Blog RSS Reader. Do not forget to display the third application is as close as possible to the Profiles section on the left side of your Facebook page. By exploiting this third application, readers can visit your Facebook page of your blog, make comments, thumb up and become followers of your blog.
6. Create Your Own Facebook Group Have you had your own Facebook Group? If not, now's the time to create. By creating your own group, you can build a special community about a particular topic or interest related to your niche blogs. Through the Group feature, you can also establish more focused and intimate communication with the readers of your blog.
7. Invite Friends To Join With Your Group Yes, do not forget to invite your friends to become members of your group and begin to build your own Facebook Group profile. Facebook gives you the option to invite prospective members of your group with the import data to a personal email that you have. The more creative you manage your group, it will be more and more also a member of your Group.
8. Join With Groups that interest you In addition to creating his own group, you can also join the existing group and according to the niche topic of your blog. Do not forget to include your name and address of your blog as a signature for your membership in each group that you follow. However, do not be a spammer. Be an active member of the Group's share and adhere to etiquette to communicate online through Facebook Group.
9. Create a Facebook Page (Facebook Page) for your Blog Not many bloggers who use Facebook Page (Facebook Page) to promote his blog. In fact, real Facebook page created specifically for promotional purposes. Therefore, if you do not already have a Facebook page for your blog, get him. Kok free anyway. By having a special Facebook page for your blog, you can be more focused to promote your blog to the readers of your Facebook page. I myself make the page "Wartono92" using a feature page on Facebook.
10. Always Reply comments and messages to your Facebook As with blogs, Facebook is interactive media. That is, any Facebook users expect real interaction and responses when they post comments or messages. So, concise words: try to always reply to comments and any messages into your Facebook account. Interactive attitude you in turn will become the capital of trust readers your Facebook page if they then visit your blog.

source: http://www.blogguebo.com